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1 the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion [syn: radioactive dust]
2 any adverse and unwanted secondary effect; "a strategy to contain the fallout from the accounting scandal" [syn: side effect]

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From the verb fall out


  1. The event of small airborne particles falling to the ground in signifiant quantities as a result of major industrial activity, volcano eruption, sandstorm, nuclear explosion, etc.
  2. The particles themselves.
    ''On 26 April 1986 the reactor number four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant located in the Soviet Union near Pripyat in Ukraine exploded. Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area.
  3. A negative side effect; an undesirable or unexpected consequence.
    Psychological fallout in the shadow of terrorism'', title of an article by Dr. Abraham Twerski, M.D. in
  4. A declined offer in a sales transaction when acceptance was presumed.
  5. The person who declines such an offer.


event of airborne particles falling to the ground
  • Finnish: laskeuma
  • Russian: осадки
particles that fall to the ground
  • Finnish: laskeuma
  • German: Fallout
  • Russian: осадки
negative side effect
  • Finnish: sivuvaikutus
  • French: retombées f|p
declined offer in a sales transaction when acceptance was presumed
person who declines such an offer
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Fallout may refer to:
  • Nuclear fallout, the residual radiation hazard from a nuclear explosion.
  • Fallout (video game), a 1997 post-apocalyptic computer role-playing game released by Interplay Entertainment.
  • Fall-out, someone who lags behind his unit formation in the military
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A-blast, A-bomb shelter, H-blast, Mach front, activity, air pollution, airborne radioactivity, artificial radioactivity, atom blast, attritus, blast wave, bran, contamination, cosmic dust, crumb, crumble, curiage, decontamination, dust, dust ball, dust cloud, efflorescence, fallout shelter, farina, filings, fission particles, flash burn, flour, grits, groats, ground zero, half-life, hydrogen blast, kittens, lint, meal, mushroom cloud, natural radioactivity, nuclear radiation, powder, pussies, radiant energy, radiation, radioactive dust, radioactive radiation, radioactivity, radiocarbon dating, radiolucency, radiopacity, radiosensibility, radiosensitivity, raspings, saturation point, sawdust, smut, soot, specific activity
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